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UK Bike Week 2024

Cycling UK’s annual Bike Week, which promotes and celebrates cycling in the UK, is taking place from 10th - 16th June 2024.

Gemma Stanley

by Gemma Stanley

calendar_month 12 Jun 24

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Cycling UK’s annual Bike Week, which promotes and celebrates cycling in the UK, is taking place from 10th – 16thJune 2024. The aim of this annual event is to help raise awareness of the many benefits of cycling, and to encourage those who may not currently cycle, to get involved.

As one of the healthiest, cheapest and most environmentally friendly forms of transport, cycling certainly has many advantages. On a personal level, cycling can be a more economical way to commute to work or to see family and friends, whilst also encouraging physical fitness and mental wellbeing. However, there are also significant environmental benefits created by a shift from car use to cycling, including reduced emissions and improved air quality.

Whilst there are many benefits to bike riding, Cycling UK have campaigned for over 140 years to improve road safety for cyclists. Sadly, there are still too many incidents and collisions involving bikes on our roads.

At Price Slater Gawne, we have assisted numerous clients who have been injured whilst riding their bikes, where cars or larger vehicles have collided with bikes, car doors have been opened onto passing cyclists or where bikes have been defective. The injuries sustained by cyclists are often very serious, due to how vulnerable they can be against a motor vehicle. These can range in severity from broken bones, facial and dental injuries to internal injuries, amputations and even brain injuries. In some instances, bike accidents do result in fatality, and Cycling UK estimates that there are five deaths each day on the UK’s roads.

Initiatives such as cycle lanes, slower speed limits and changes to the Highway Code to better protect vulnerable road users all help to reduce those statistics, but there is more work to be done.

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