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Our specialist, highly experienced team of Court of Protection lawyers are here to help you.

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If a loved one lacks the mental capacity to manage their property or financial affairs, our specialist, highly experienced team of Court of Protection lawyers are here to help you.

What is the Court of Protection?

The Court of Protection is a specialist court that was created under the Mental Capacity Act 2005 and makes decisions about the financial, health, and welfare affairs of people who lack the mental capacity to make such decisions themselves.

The Court of Protection has the power to make decisions about a range of issues, including where someone should live, how their finances should be managed, and what medical treatment they should receive. The court’s decisions are made in the best interests of the person who lacks capacity, taking into account their wishes, feelings, beliefs and values as much as possible. The Court of Protection also works to protect vulnerable individuals from abuse and exploitation. 

In what is likely to be a very challenging situation, and taking into account the range of responsibilities and the hugely complicated process that needs to be undertaken, the best course of action is to consult a specialist lawyer to help with the legal, financial and procedural matters relating to the Court of Protection. 

Our team of experienced Court of Protection lawyers can help individuals or family members navigate the legal process and ensure that the vulnerable person’s best interests are protected by providing legal advice, representing clients in court, and helping to resolve disputes through mediation or negotiation.

Professional Deputy Applications and Lay Deputy Applications

We provide advice in respect of all types of Deputyship applications, and we can also act as a professional deputy in complex cases or where there is no one suitable or willing to act. Find out more about our professional deputy applications services

We can also help with applications to the Court of Protection to become a lay deputy. Lay deputies are usually family members or close friends of the person they are acting on behalf of, and will have key responsibilities in relation to the financial affairs, health and welfare of the person.

Working with law firms on Court of Protection cases

In some cases, solicitors may have a conflict of interest that prevents them from working on a Court of Protection case. For example, if they have previously acted for another party in the case, they may need to instruct a law firm to ensure that the case is handled impartially.

Other reasons why solicitors may need to instruct specialists like Price Slater Gawne include capacity challenges or geographical practicalities. By instructing us, they can ensure that the case is still handled effectively and efficiently, while allowing them to focus on other matters.

Why choose Price Slater Gawne?

Our specialist team offers a wide range of services relating to the Court of Protection, designed to provide you with the legal advice and support you need to help a loved one when they need it most.

We will work closely with your family, friends, carers and other relevant professionals to coordinate the affairs of the person you support, beginning with building a personal relationship with you and your loved ones to make sure that you are comfortable with us handling such important matters and always receive the best possible advice and guidance. We tailor our service to the individual client’s needs and have been recognised for this person-centred approach. 

If you think you need the advice of our Court of Protection specialists, please get in touch today by contacting our Court of Protection Partner, Gareth Williams at or by contacting the Court of Protection team at or 03333 058375.

Meet the team

  • Gareth Williams

    Partner, Court of Protection & Wealth Protection

    Gareth Williams

    t:07497 839796


  • Sam Firth

    Associate, Court of Protection

    Sam Firth

    t:07508 897860


  • Jade Price

    Solicitor, Court of Protection

    Jade Price

    t:07930 519947


  • Gabrielle Chapman

    Solicitor, Court of Protection

    Gabrielle Chapman

    t:07497 839816


  • Caz Kirkwood

    Administrator, Court of Protection

    Caz Kirkwood

    t:07957 773340


  • Georgia Burgess

    Administrator, Court of Protection

    Georgia Burgess

    t:07980 772002


What our clients say about us...

  • “I am currently a client of Sam Firth, I cannot recommend him enough, he is very thorough, professional and supportive, I can't imagine anyone else dealing with such a complex case, resulting in positive outcomes.” Stacey


  • The team are dedicated, highly experienced, professional, and approachable, with a drive to ensure the best outcome for their clients.” Kate Barron, Clinical Case Manager


  • “Jade Price was recommended to me and I can see why. Jade has been very prompt and thorough throughout. I wholeheartedly feel at ease with Jade guiding me.” Mr P


  • “From the start of my claim every person I have encountered has been above and beyond what I expected. I can only say, for me, the service I have received is beyond commendable.” Charlotte Hughes


  • “Amazing team, fantastic when it comes to communication. Any questions I had were answered quickly. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend these to anyone needing their help.” Stephanie Turner


Court of Protection FAQs

For more answers to common questions, read our Court of Protection FAQs.

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