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Our client is at the centre of all that we do

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As expert lawyers specialising in Court of Protection cases, we provide advice in respect of all types of deputyship application.  We also act as a professional deputy in complex cases, or where there is nobody else suitable or willing to act.

When working with vulnerable clients it is imperative that their needs and interests are central to decision making. It is important that where possible the degree of restriction and bureaucracy in the decision making process is limited. When acting as a professional deputy, we strive to ensure that these principles are adhered to so that our client’s best interests are looked after with minimal disruption to their everyday life.

What can you expect from a professional deputy?

Our client is at the centre of all that we do. In the cases where we are appointed as a professional deputy, our philosophy is to ensure that the following statutory principles are followed:

  • The assumption of capacity and avoiding inferences based upon a diagnosis or any difficulties that a person may encounter
  • Providing support where appropriate in order to assist individual decision making
  • Avoiding judgements based on whether a decision is considered wise or unwise, and ensuring that the individual should always be at the centre of the decision
  • The application of best interests in all decisions made on behalf of someone who lacks capacity
  • Careful consideration of whether the purpose of an act, or decision, can be achieved in a way that is less restrictive upon a person’s individual rights and freedoms

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  • Gareth Williams

    Partner, Court of Protection & Wealth Protection

    Gareth Williams

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    Associate, Executive, Court of Protection

    Sam Firth

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  • Jade Price

    Solicitor, Court of Protection

    Jade Price

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  • Gabrielle Chapman

    Solicitor, Court of Protection

    Gabrielle Chapman

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  • Caz Kirkwood

    Administrator, Court of Protection

    Caz Kirkwood

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  • Georgia Burgess

    Administrator, Court of Protection

    Georgia Burgess

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What Our Clients Say About Us...

  • “I am currently a client of Sam Firth, I cannot recommend him enough, he is very thorough, professional and supportive, I can't imagine anyone else dealing with such a complex case, resulting in positive outcomes.” Stacey


  • The team are dedicated, highly experienced, professional, and approachable, with a drive to ensure the best outcome for their clients.” Kate Barron, Clinical Case Manager


  • “Jade Price was recommended to me and I can see why. Jade has been very prompt and thorough throughout. I wholeheartedly feel at ease with Jade guiding me.” Mr P


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