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Child Abduction

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Parental child abduction occurs when a person who is connected to a child takes them away from, or prevents them returning to, their country of habitual residence: the country they normally reside in, without the permission of either those with Parental Responsibility or the courts.

The Child Abduction Act of 1984 provides that it is a criminal offence for a parent, or anyone connected with a child, to remove them from the United Kingdom for more than 28 days without the prior consent of the other parent or person with Parental Responsibility for the child or order from the courts allowing them to do so. A person is connected for the purposes of the Act if they are parent of the child, guardian or special guardian, or anyone who has an order for the child to live with them.

International Parental Child Abduction occurs when a parent or other person connected with the child removes them from the country where they habitually reside (usual country where the child lives) across an international border, without the consent of the other parent, or in breach of an existing court order. Abduction could be by a parent who does not usually have care of the child, or in fact the parent with whom the child usually lives.

Police involvement in child abduction

Don’t hesitate to contact the Police if you are concerned that an attempted abduction of your child is in progress, as they may be able to take steps more quickly in preventing a removal taking place. They may be able to instigate an “All Ports Alert” which is intended to prevent a person travelling across an international boundary with a child without the consent of another. That may then delay matters for long enough for additional protective steps to take place.

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