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Suing/sue NHS

Find out now if you have a potential compensation claim against the NHS
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Nobody likes to think they should sue the NHS but the reality is if you have substandard care, it is vitally important that you are compensated for that mis-treatment and the NHS improves its standard of care as a result. Any compensation you might receive is not taken from NHS frontline budgets but rather a compensation fund established for this exact reason.

The start of the process is quite simple and geared towards establishing whether negligence has occurred.

At Price Slater Gawne we know the first step is simply knowing if you have experienced medical negligence. Our team has over 10 years experience in this complex field and we were pioneers in this area of the law. Luckily it costs you nothing to find out for certain. With just a few details we can begin the process for you.

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There’s no exact formula for establishing whether a particular case might be suitable for a claim or not and similar types of cases might have very different backgrounds. There is no hard and fast rule, but at Price Slater Gawne, what we do have is time for our clients and a range of experts who will listen and advise in your best interests. Contact us today and we will quickly be able to tell you if we think you have a claim. There is no fee for our initial consultation. It’s time you knew the truth.

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